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Welcome To GTAIB

The Global Transport and Asset Intelligence Bureau (GTAIB) empowers its sponsors by providing all the critical information needed to reduce risks in a proactive manner.

When you sponsor the Global Transport and Asset Intelligence Bureau (GTAIB), you’re aligning your company or organisation with a global leader in the provision of structures, strategies and collective business intelligence, driving your transport and asset management business to limit the losses suffered in the supply chain management.

GTAIB consist of “Captains of Industry”, throughout the total transport and supply chain, to collectively work towards solutions in the global fight against attacks on valuable assets, whether on route (sea, air, rail and road), in ports, during the clearing process, during the warehousing and distribution process and the operationalisation of the delivery processes.

The GTAIB (Governance and Intergrity) is

Non Profit Company (NPC) registered with CIPC, with registration: 2016/479683/08

Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) registered with the Department of social Development (DSD): 202-171-NPO

Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), with SARS Tax Exemption Unit with registration: 930062506

GTAIB Donor Stakeholder Landscape

GTAIB integrates the total value chain within the supply chain and the sponsors of GTAIB consists of:

  • Transport and Logistics Industry (sea, air, rail and road),
  • Insurance and Actuaries Industries,
  • Manufacturers and Importers of valuable assets,
  • Service Providers within the customs and ports environment,
  • Solution Service Providers,
  • Law Enforcement and Government Agencies,
  • Various aligned institutes around the globe,
  • Various Universities, conducting pro-active research,
  • International and Local Standards Organisations,
  • And the list goes on.

With this collective information and knowledge base, GTAIB provides our customers with a superior Body of Knowledge (BoK), advising each with the best pro-active and preventative Business Intelligence (BI) to manage the risks within the supply chain life cycle and make informed decisions.

The GTAIB structures work as a collective to ensure Risk Management of the highest quality, integrating every possible structure to achieve this objective.

Global Benefits

The GTAIB provides the following Global Benefits:

Global view of Risks and Country Profiles.

Global view of the best practices implemented by the GTAIB members.

Global standing with the ISO and Country Standards and Working Committees.

Global standing on various Law Enforcement forums, in country, cross border and on Global Forums.


GTAIB’s vision is to create an integrated intelligence hub and become the leading authority on fighting crime within the transport and asset management supply chain.