An introduction to GTAIB (Global Transport and Asset Intelligence Bureau)

Why the GTAIB?

Nico Snyman, the Founder and President of the GTAIB, was a pivotal Executive within the construction and the operations of the Gautrain. Within the Gautrain environment, he was the driving force behind the approval and establishment of the Gautrain Statutory Body within the Control of Access to Public Premises and Vehicles Act, Act 53 of 1985, which is now called the Gautrain Rules, to govern and mitigate the risks within the Gautrain environment. Nico also represented the Gautrain at various National Rail Crime Combatting Forums (NRCCF) and worked extensively with various stakeholders within the Transport and Asset environment. Based on his extensive experience, a gap in the market was identified for a single voice to represent the Transport and Asset environment on a National, Provincial and Local level. This was the driving force behind the establishment of the GTAIB, a Non-Profit Company (NPC), registered with the CIPC, with registration no: 2016/479683/08. The GTAIB is also in the process of registering as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with the Department of Social Development, to clearly state the intent of driving continuous improvement within this industry. This creates a second (2nd) tier Corporate Governance strategy and the third (3rd) tier would be the awarding of a Section 18a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Tax certificate from SARS.

What does the GTAIB stand for?

GTAIB works towards being the primary, globally recognised knowledge-based voice of the total Value Chain industry, which includes Transport and Assets. The Global Transport and Asset Intelligence Bureau (GTAIB) empowers its members by providing all the critical information needed to reduce risks in the supply chain in a proactive manner. GTAIB consist of “Captains of Industry (CoI)”, throughout the total transport and supply chain, to collectively work towards solutions in the global fight against attacks on valuable assets, whether on route (marine, air, rail or road), in ports, during the clearing process, during the warehousing and distribution process and the operationalisation of the delivery processes. The GTAIB means in layman’s terms the following and each letter used is a strategy for the GTAIB:

  • We are operating in a Global market and with global threats and risks to mitigate.
  • Globalisation is inevitable and the global risks will become our local risks if we are not vigilant about this.

  • T
  • This stands for any mode of transport, whether by sea/marine, rail, road, air
  • From an international base to the smallest delivering company

  • A
  • This is all around assets.
  • Without Road infrastructure, rail infrastructure, marine and seaport infrastructure, no asset will enter and pass through our borders.
  • RSA is the preferred access point into Africa and the pressure on our infrastructure is immense and the cost of maintenance is growing with the increased demand.

  • I
  • This is for Intelligence or a Body of Knowledge (BoK) to assist in decision making.
  • Decision making needs to be dynamic, iterative and based on the best available information.
  • Within this environment, various portfolios are managing the Security, from facilities, SHEQ officers and they don’t always have the expert knowledge.
  • The Captains of Industries, are a network of qualified and experienced specialists, from electrical engineers, to transport professors, to the best technology globally available.
  • The GTAIB brings all of these together under one Body of Knowledge (BoK), from product Intelligence, to technology intelligence, from Business Intelligence to predictive Intelligence.

  • B
    • This is the critical link between all the abbreviations above.
    • The Captains of Industry (CoI) represents
      • Various Universities
      • Various industry leading Institutes
      • Various Subject Matter Experts (SME), such as Insurance, Logistics, Forensic Investigations, etc.
    • The CoI will also be evaluating the various products, systems, etc to provide the best advice within this industry.

    What did we achieve in the past 6 months?

    In the past 6 months, the GTAIB achieved the following successes:
    • Formed a global Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Monash University. This is significant as Monash is an Australian based university, with Global reach through the Laureate Group of Universities, over 850 globally. This is part of the G-strategy stated above
    • Were accepted and accredited by the International Professional Evaluation Certification Body (PECB) (see, (G-Strategy) not only as an approved partner but as an ISO certification body, to certify:
      • Individuals
      • Training programs
      • Products
      • Auditors
      • Management Systems (ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 28001, etc.)
    • Hosted our first Global event on the 7th June 2017 at the fantastic offices of Diageo South Africa (DSA), sponsored by AIG;
    • Presented at the highest Safety and Security Forum, the Government Security Sector Council (GSSC), the 19th July 2017, pertaining to the Insider Threat within this environment. For people who do not know the GSSC, this structure is working specifically with the National Key Points Act (NKP) and with every National Key Point within the borders of the RSA (Ports, Power, Water, Infrastructure, MEC Safety and Security structures, etc.) (B and I Strategy)
    • Established various strategic partners to enhance the GTAIB offering to our members.