Predictive Intelligence vs. Business Intelligence

“Prevention is Better than Cure (PBTC)” methodology. What is this? We’ve all heard this and agree with it, but ask any company or organisation and they’ll confirm: there’s a big difference between understanding a methodology and being able to implement it. This gap creates poor integration, questions in the decision-making process and critical information could or are slipping through the cracks.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Business Intelligence, or known as BI, is a technology-driven process that analyses historical data, thus looking backwards, to determine trends, hot spots, and other related analysis, to provide the best available information to deliver actionable information to business executives, managers and other corporate end-users to make informed business decisions (ISO 31000: Clause 3: Principles). BI focuses on a “what can we learn from this?” approach if you have the data collection, collation and interpretation abilities.

What is Predictive Intelligence (PI)?

Predictive Intelligence (PI) uses a combination of:
  • Real-time data analysis (various open and secure source inputs)
  • Combines it with historically recorded events, whether incidences, occurrences, accidents or near misses, close calls, etc.
  • Recording future events (strikes, weather patterns, moon phase analysis, etc.) which could impact the holistic or specific industry
  • Overlaying the past with the present and incorporating the future
This collective and integrated approach provides Predictive Intelligence (PI) to be utilised for improved and better Intelligence-based decision making.

How does this Integrated PI work?

A team of GTAIB analysts and strategic partners, consisting of individuals and subject matter experts, with experience diverse fields such as the criminology, political sciences, sociology, and psychology record and log all mentioned events, whether past, current or futuristic. The analysts interpret all these data inputs, from incidents reported by clients to reports by journalists and even the social media posts of the industry to predict events that will happen in future. The software and analysts monitor and assess the risk of everything from political unrest (for example service delivery protests) to the threat of terrorism. This provides our clients with a risk barometer or risk gauge, to assist in better decision making.

Using the “Prevention is Better Than Cure (PBTC)” philosophy, Predictive Intelligence (PI) proactively alerts clients of possible incidents before they happen. This proactive approach to risk management ensures that companies and organisations are aware of the risks to their business operations and, in the event where an outcome or incident cannot be prevented by the organisation (for example service delivery protests happening near an office that would prove dangerous to employees) enables the company/organisation to have a proper business continuity plan (BCP) in place.

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