Roundtable Discussion: What the Transport and Logistics Industry can expect during this peak season

What is the biggest worry of anyone working in the transport, asset and logistics industry? If the peak season (November to January), theft, loss of valuable assets or products due to unforeseen circumstances are part of your list, then you are on the right track.

On Monday 9 October, the GTAIB held its first roundtable with Captains of the Industry, especially people in the transport, asset, and logistics industry. This roundtable was chaired by Udeen Singh, vice president of the GTAIB.

The purpose of the GTAIB is to act as a catalyst for the transport asset industry - for any mode of transport, whether it is by road, marine, air, or rail. The GTAIB seeks to find solutions to lower the impact and frequency of losses felt by the industry.

Lauren Malcolm of GSK pointed out the fact that, in the pharmaceutical industry where time is of the essence, delayed trucks at border posts as well as the hijacking of cargo could end up costing the lives of patients who require vital medication for survival.

The Captains

The GTAIB's network of connections enabled us to have a highly esteemed group of delegates. This included:
Name Occupation Industry
Dr Johan Burger Independent Consultant Security Industry
André van Wyk Managing Director of Imperial Security Solutions Logistics industry
Udeen Singh Head of Corporate Security & Brand Protection at Diageo South Africa & Vice President of the GTAIB Liquor industry
Gregory Singh Senior Operations Manager at SABRIC Banking Industry
Lauren Malcolm Regional Security Advisor GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) Pharmaceutical Industry

Topics raised

The discussion centred around the factors impacting our transport industry and addressed everything from infrastructure through to High Value Goods (HVG), and the transport, tracking, and tracing thereof. Best practices were discussed on how each attendee deals with these hurdles in their industry, in an attempt to work towards solutions for each of the hurdles. Dr Johan Burger spoke about the crime statistics and how it will affect this peak season and what is to be expected for the remainder of the year.

This was a successful, first roundtable with knowledgeable industry leaders who shared their insights. There will be many more roundtables to follow in the future in GTAIB’s pursuit to improve and fight crime in the transport industry. Thus, our strategic partners and our Body of Knowledge (Captains of the Industry) are essential and crucial to achieve this goal.