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The purpose and objective of the GTAIB Endorsement Program is to ensure that the highest industry standards are being upheld through evaluating products, services/ vendors, training courses and technologies. As an industry leader, GTAIB, through its various structures of Captains of Industry (endorsement committees), will evaluate the various applications, whether for it is for a:

  • Product;
  • Service/ vendor;
  • Training course; or
  • Various technologies;

Provided the endorsement for a specific application is fit for purpose within a specific environment.

Endorsement Overview

The endorsement process is described in more detail in our Endorsement Policy Document that can be obtained from GTAIB on request.

Purpose Of Endorsement

  • To set universal quality standards and criteria for products, services, technologies and courses offered in risk management of the supply chain.
  • To provide members with access to appropriate quality products, services, courses and technologies and from quality providers.
  • To promote GTAIB as a membership based organisation.
  • Encourage a consistent set of objective evaluation criteria against which products, services, courses and technologies can be reviewed.

Benefits Of Endorsement

Benefits for GTAIB Members

The product, service, technology and course offerings will ensure members are provided with the highest quality and standards, knowledge, skills, technical competence and products in relation to their professional activities.

GTAIB promises its members:

  • To align products, services, training and technologies to the relevant best practice standards and guidelines.
  • To increase the awareness of Risk Management products, services, training courses and technologies that can be used in identifying and managing risks within the supply chain.
  • To provide a centralised, validated and endorsed data base to industry.
  • To progress the globalisation of Risk Management.
  • To engage with Captains of Industry in each specific environment pertaining to the best practices, knowledge and experience.
  • To provide an industry wide and deep quality audit review of the various endorsement strategies.
  • To provide a star grading system for the “Fit for Purpose” application.
  • To recognise excellence in Risk Management.
  • To provide peer and user reviews on Endorsements.
  • To promote competency-based assessment for those working in Risk Management.
  • To grow GTAIB membership and partnerships.

Endorsement enables GTAIB to offer the most appropriate, quality assured and cost effective products, services, technologies, vendor and training courses and materials to its members and stakeholders.

It also gives the assurance that the products, services, course material and technologies have been reviewed by experts within the relevant professional bodies.

Endorsement by GTAIB lends the GTAIB brand to the vendor or organisation applying for Endorsement which gives the product, service, training course or technology more credibility, authority and distinction.

Benefits for GTAIB Service Providers/ Vendors

For Providers/ Vendors, key benefits of endorsement will include:

  • Use of GTAIB Endorsement logo on publications and marketing to demonstrate engagement with bureau in managing risks in the supply chain.
  • Increasing business by use of the quality mark.
  • A robust method of internal quality assurance for the organisation.
  • Being able to demonstrate commitment to risk management and best practice standards.
  • Exposure of products, services, training courses and technologies to its members.

Benefit for Risk Stakeholders

Risk stakeholders will be able to see that:

  • The Providers have met criteria which relate to risk management within the supply chain.