GTAIB Sponsorship Categories consists of four (4) levels.

Each level has a specific benefit structure which is described in Annexure A.

We also offer an add-on Sponsorship: The Prestige Inner Circle Sponsorship that offers unique products and research material, networking and advanced notice of training courses and events.

GTAIB Sponsorship is available to anyone who manufactures, transports, stores, warehouses, or insures commodities at high risk of theft.

Level 1: Bronze Sponsor

This is the entry level GTAIB Sponsorship level and provides the sponsors with various Business Intelligence (BI) reports as a basis for decision making purposes.

Level 2: Silver Sponsor

This second Tier of Sponsorship empowers the GTAIB sponsor to access a variety of services within the total bouquet of GTAIB.

Level 3: Gold Sponsor

This is the second highest level of Sponsorship provides access to approximately 60-70 % of the flagship Sponsorship level, the Platinum Level.

See the table attached for the Platinum Sponsorship.

Level 4: Platinum Sponsor

This level of Sponsorship is the Flagship of GTAIB and the sponsors of this elite Sponsorship class will be receiving the full bouquet of services, reports, products, etc.

This Sponsorship class will also be forming part of the exclusive working groups as feeder system for the ISO standards.

See the table attached for the Platinum Sponsorship .

Level 5: Diamond Sponsorship

The Diamond Sponsorship offers:

  • Peer-to-peer networking including Business Introductions and a communication forum to help you connect with other fellow professionals on topics of your interest.
  • Exclusive research conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SME) delivered straight to your mailbox, not available anywhere else on the web.
  • Access to many premium business documents, frameworks and tools.
  • Maximum exposure for your products and services to all our sponsors.
  • A unique resource directory containing: white papers, case studies, trainings, templates and more – all in one place.
  • Advanced notice of new online courses before anyone else.
  • And more…

Sponsorship fees are paid monthly.

The table below indicates the Sponsorship Fees:

Diamond R 55 000.00 $ 3675 £ 3235
Platinum R 40 000.00 $ 2700 £ 2352
Gold R 32 000.00 $ 2133 £ 1882
Silver R 24 000.00 $ 1600 £ 1450
Bronze R 12 000.00 $ 800 £ 706

Annual Sponsorship fees subject to change

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