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High Value Asset Theft (HVAT)

High Value Asset Theft (HVAT), through various means, is a reality; whether it is an individual pilfering from the supply chain, an organised crime group working across continents, or the opportunist making use of the opportunity presented.

The knock on effect of HVAT holds many risk based, compliance and auditing challenges for the total value chain of industries involved. HVAT is a daily event across the globe. It involves and targets:

  • Theft of electronics (mobile phones, laptops, Apple products, Televisions, etc.),
  • Pharmaceuticals (ARV’s for recreational drug usage, etc.),
  • Clothing (brands competing with itself),
  • Liquor distribution,
  • High-end food products,
  • Automotive parts,
  • Building supplies and almost any other cargo of value.

HVAT incidents leads to billions of Dollars/ Euros/ Stirling in:

  • Lost revenue to the manufacturer,
  • Increase of insurance pay-outs and therefore increased premiums,
  • Loss of contracts by vendors,
  • Social responsibility and loss of jobs,
  • Compromised reputational and brand integrity
  • Injury or loss of life of employees, and
  • Loss of customer trust in the product and the supply chain.

GTAIB’s primary focus is the provision of one global, integrated and collaborative structure, whereby GTAIB can provide the industry with the highest qualitative preventative Business Intelligence (BI), through working with the various Law Enforcement Agencies across the globe.